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I jump double dutch, swim, dance and I used to participate in karate when i was younger. I enjoy reading on my spare time and making video edits on my ipad. I also like to draw even though im not very good at it and I find it pleasing to play soccer during the summer.


My interest include dance, criminal law, forensic science,law and order : speacial victims unit, math,and history. Criminal law and law and order (or any kind of law) is the most appealing to me because I love mysteries and investigating cases/learning about civil liberities v. governemnt authority is really fun , based on my experience in Con Law.


My favorite animals include koala's, puppies, and hamsters. My favorite food time would be breakfast and the foods I like to eat during thqt time are pancakes, bacon, eggs and waffles. My favorite colors are purple and blue. My favorite song would have to be Turning page and my favorite artist is Mariah Carey. My favorite Tv shows include Dance Moms, Here comes honey boo boo (before it was cancelled) and Spongebob.

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